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Mini Split Systems

Having an older home or a ductless dwelling doesn’t mean that you have to accept sub-par temperature control. “AC installation” is more than just a guy with a wrench. We study the science of airflow, humidity, ventilation, and all the various technologies and sciences that make an indoor air environment so comfortable that you don’t even notice or think about it. 

We are experts in Massachusetts building styles and the nuances of the local air quality and weather. In many situations, circumstances, and environments, a mini-split is a feasible or ideal solution for indoor air cooling. 

Mini split systems for zone cooling and temperature control 

One of the many attractive benefits of a mini-split system is the greater ability to cool areas independently and offer greater temperature control in doing so. Instead of cooling an entire house or building through a central air unit. Ductless mini split systems allow you the ability to cool only one room or area – or to cool different rooms and areas at variable temperatures. 

This zone cooling benefit of mini split systems has become increasingly popular as energy costs have continued to rise. Cooling an entire space with today’s energy costs is an unnecessary expense with ductless mini split system units. As an added benefit, occupants of different rooms and office spaces can set temperatures to their own personal optimal comfort level. Mini split systems are also an ideal solution for storage areas that require very specific and controlled temperature settings. 

What exactly is a mini split system?

A mini split system is an air conditioning unit that works without ducting. It’s a space (zone) cooling unit that is permanently installed unlike a window unit.  A mini-split system comprised of 4 main components:

  • Condensing Unit: This “loud” part of the unit is located outside of the home or building and pumps cool air though refrigerant lines that connect to one or more units inside. 
  • Refrigerant Lines: These lines run through a small hole in the wall or sometimes through a window from the condensing unit outside to one or more indoor units.
  • Indoor Cooling Unit(s): The units themselves can be wall-mounted, suspended from the ceiling, or mounted in the ceiling.
  • Remote Control or Wall Monitor: Similar to a central air system and unlike a window air conditioner, the remote control or air monitor allows you to set, adjust, or change temperature, modes, and other settings from a single panel.

Is a mini split system the right type of AC unit for me?

Our customers choose mini split systems for a variety of reasons:

  • They’re quiet. Because the condenser unit is outside the home, these zone heating units are much quieter than window unit counterparts. 
  • Less overall expense than installing central air. If your space doesn’t already have a ducting system installed, installation of Mini Split system(s) is far less expensive than doing a complete overhaul to install ducting and central air. 
  • Can be installed in rooms without windows. Whereas window units require a window for installation, a mini split system can be installed in any room – window or not. 
  • Excellent for zone cooling. Mini split systems offer far more control of cooling rooms and spaces than central air and without the noisy obtrusive box window units. 

Why our customers choose Air Wolfe

We are experts in what we do. The technicians on our team have installed and repaired, and worked on thousands of AC units. We have first-hand, long-term experience with these manufactures and unit types throughout the seasons of our Massachusetts weather.

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