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Air Conditioner Maintenance

Many complete AC replacements or expensive AC repairs can be avoided with proper AC maintenance. Just as you take your car in to get a tune up and fluids check, it’s good practice to get AC maintenance on a regular basis. We offer annual and bi-annual AC maintenance plans in addition to one-time AC maintenance service calls. 

With the air conditioning unit being among the most expensive household appliances to operate, the cost of regular AC maintenance can pay for itself in efficiency costs alone – in addition to heading off larger AC repair and replacement costs. 

Our AC maintenance checklist

Our technicians follow a detailed AC maintenance checklist with a goal of tuning up systems for longer life and efficiency, as well as detecting minor issues before they become major ones. 

  • Cleaning dirty coils
  • Replacing old air filters 
  • Unclogging condensate drains
  • Lubricating mechanical parts 
  • Checking refrigerant level 
  • Removing debris 
  • Adjusting thermostat settings
  • Tightening electrical connections
  • Checking system controls

How much does AC maintenance cost?

We offer regularly scheduled annual and bi-annual service programs for cost savings on regular AC maintenance. Just like an “every 3,000 miles” oil change, these scheduled AC maintenance tune ups are designed to ensure that your equipment is running optimally at all times and avoids slipping into costly disrepair.

If you’re beginning to suspect that your AC unit may be running at a sub-par level or is on the verge of a breakdown, an AC maintenance call is a great way to tune up your system, identify any potential existing problems, and steer clear of any issues that your system could be heading for. There’s no need to wait and rely on “hope” to avoid a complete breakdown of the system. There are specific, intentional, actions that can save you time, trouble, discomfort, panic, and a lot of money by taking preventative measures on a regular basis. 

Contact us for a specific quote on a one-time AC maintenance visit or a regularly scheduled preventative AC maintenance plan. We’ll evaluate your units type, brand, age, and any specific unique circumstances and provide you with a custom quote designed to save you money in the long run.

What kind of air conditioning units do you service?

As AC maintenance and repair specialists with years of industry expertise, we’re equipt to work on it all! We’ve yet to find an AC unit that we can’t work on, service, or repair. We offer AC maintenance for all types of air conditioning unit types including:

  • Central air conditioners
  • Ductless split systems
  • Swamp coolers
  • Window AC units
  • Wall AC units 

Why customers choose Air Wolfe for their AC maintenance needs

Air Wolfe has earned a reputation as the AC maintenance and repair company that homeowners and businesses have come to trust and depend on for a variety of reasons, but namely for our ability to diagnose and repair problems quickly and efficiently. We arrive with industry-grade tools and equipment that allow us to make the correct diagnosis and make repairs quickly as well as identify the potential issues in order to prevent problems from happening in the first place.

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Heating & cooling maintenance


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Heating & cooling maintenance


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  • 10% off any repair service.
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Heating & cooling maintenance


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  • 10% off any repair service.
  • Call us to get more information about the protection plan
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